Global Shapers Almaty supports implementation of national SDGs and do projects in dimensions such as education, global health, urban developement, gender parity and ecology. Our mission is to build a community of outstanding young people committed to improving the state of the world by acting locally. We have great and dedicated team of like-minded people who want to make Almaty a better place to live.
Free programming skills classes for children 14-16 years old children
Almaty Info Spots
Imagine that you're the guest or the tourist in the city. You see majestic monuments, national museums, historical buildings, beautiful gardens or famous streets. But you know nothing about them! About their history, about people who build it and why they did it. You don't have Internet to google it and you want to know more! Standard plates on these landmarks just say a few words about them…what can you do?

Almaty Info Spots is a project that helps to citizens, guests and tourists to get knowledge about traditions and history of Almaty by using our technologically advanced info plates. Every man could easily get the information through our web-site www.moreinfo.kz, by scanning QR-code or NFC. Never been so easy!

Mom to Mom. Promoting idea of Giving.
Film screening, thematical exhibition and discussion panel on single mother issues. All money were sent to woman beneficiaries and their children.
Oasis Almaty
Oasis Almaty is a modern and multifunctional "oasis" in the city center, where anyone can cool down drinking clean water and getting some fresh air by the wall with vertical greening.
The project goal is to draw attention to environmental pollution with plactic and gas waste.

At this stage of the project we have 3 options of conscruction, one of them is here. Thanks for the layouts to Almaty architect Eldar Khassanov @сoncretedesign1 🙂
Now we are starting fundraising. If you or your friends are interested in cooperation, please, message us!

Городской Хакатон #1
«Забота о нашей планете начинается в квартире каждого из нас, и мы хотим не просто обсудить вопрос разделения мусора, но и разработать реальные решения», – такова была фабула прошедшего мероприятия.
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